200% Serious About Your Success Guarantee

Effective date: July 8, 2021


If you are dissatisfied with the Serious Writer Club, we will refund 100% of fees paid and pay that same amount for the first month’s fee* in another online writing club.

We are SO serious about your success that we will not only refund your money, but we will PAY THE FIRST MONTH'S* fee in another online writing club.

Satisfaction Warranty: We value every one of our club members and want you to succeed in your training. We’re confident that when you are active in the community and participate in training via the live videos, courses, Facebook/Discord, and/or 1-1 calls, you’ll gain the knowledge necessary to be more successful in your writing career. If you are unhappy with the Serious Writer Club you may request a full refund during your first 30 days. The refund only applies on your first purchase or participation in SWC and you will only be eligible for the price you paid. Switching membership plans does not constitute a first purchase. 

*The amount will not exceed your first month's payment into the Serious Writer Club.


In order to be eligible for this warranty you must commit to fully participate in the program. Here are the specific steps you need to take as a member to show us you have fully participated in SWC:

WHO: All levels of SWC
Complete the SWC intake form. 

Connect with the Serious Writer Community in the following ways:

Join the Facebook group and write an intro post (if you have Facebook).

Write at least five comments or posts of your own, (includes your intro post).

Join the Discord and write an intro post, and write at least five comments or posts of your own, including your intro post.

WHO: All levels except STARTER
Watch at least three training videos either live or recorded in the account (FB videos do not count toward this three-training requirement). You must also comment on the videos you watched. 

Watch and complete four vault resources. You must also comment on the videos you watched.

Additionally, you must contact us immediately if you are not seeing results, unhappy, or dissatisfied at any point during the first 30 days so we can help optimize SWC for better results. 

Failure to accomplish any of the above will eliminate your eligibility for this warranty without exceptions. If, after completing the above items, you do not feel our services have added value to match your paid investment to SWC, we will pay the first month’s fee in another similar online writing club (not course). This payment will be limited to the actual amount of your first month’s fee paid to SWC. You must provide us a receipt of the new club within 30 days of leaving SWC to receive this reimbursement. Because the VIP and CAREER tiers are bonus levels which include more personalized attention, VIP and CAREER members will receive reimbursement and refund only at the PROFESSIONAL CLUB price level.

Q: What about my free mug, lanyard, or tshirt?  Do I have to return them for a refund?
No, those items are our gift for you for trying SWC. We hope that even though it didn’t work out, we can still be a meaningful part of your journey…and we are serious about that!

Please note: We are unable to give refunds for any other reasons (such as unforeseen circumstances or changing your mind). If you have a refund request, email [email protected] with your request that includes the name of the Club tier for which you are requesting a refund. You will be asked to complete and turn in the necessary documentation to be considered for refund eligibility.


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