Bethany Jett attended her first writers conference with a proposal and a prayer and left with the Writer of the Year award, an agency contract, and interest from multiple publishers.

Three months later, she sold her debut book The Cinderella Rule: a Young Woman’s Guide to Happily Ever After (Revell), which became a Selah Awards finalist.

Bethany is the Founder and Co-Owner of Serious Writer, Inc., and Vice President of Platinum Literary Services where she specializes in marketing, nonfiction proposal creation, ghostwriting, and developmental editing. Her love for marketing and social media led to her pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree in Communication: New Media and Marketing. She also holds a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies: Behavioral Social Science and Humanities with a Criminal Justice minor.

Along with her speaking, writing, and graduate studies, Bethany speaks at churches and conferences nationwide at women’s and youth conferences and retreats, and her work has been featured in numerous publications including ChristianityToday.com, Focus on the Family’s Clubhouse Jr., SpiritLedWoman.com, crosswalk.com, SonomaChristianHome.com, ChristianMingle.com, the Rave section of The Orlando Sentinel, and Splickety Publishing Group.

Bethany is a military spouse, momma-of-boys, suspense-novel junkie who describes herself as “mid-maintenance” and loves cute shoes and all things girly. Connect with her at BethanyJett.com or across social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

21 Trade Secrets

21 Trade Secrets & Best Practices

Together co-owners Bethany Jett and Cyle Young tag-team to deliver insider tips and best practices for surviving in this subjective, overwhelming, and wonderful world of publishing.

I’m used to hearing craft tips as a fiction writer, but I rarely have gotten tips from industry professionals on the business side of writing. I know I’ll want to go back for a refresher, but the 21 Trade Secrets and Best Practices modules have given me an important foundation on which to begin to learn the business side of my writing journey. Now I have work to do.
— Mary Gardner

Price: $29.00

Duration: 110 minutes

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From Zero to Book Deal

Zero to Book Deal

Attending the 2012 FCWC with a hope in her heart and amateur proposal in hand, Bethany Jett was ecstatic to receive interest from two publishers and two contracts from agents, even though one publisher thought her platform was too small. In the month following the conference, Bethany turned her tiny platform into a huge marketing opportunity—enough to secure the “publisher that got away.”

“Zero to Book Deal” teaches how to turn a few resources into publishing opportunities with magazines, radios, guest posts, and speaking engagements. We will navigate the components of creating fantastic nonfiction proposals, building a speaking list, and leveraging every opportunity already in your arsenal.

Price: $29.00

Duration: 55 minutes

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*Social Media Best Practices

We’ve been given a gift. No matter where we live in the world, we can connect with like-minded thinkers, make new friends, and establish relationships. What authors of years past would have given for this opportunity!

However, social media is often used selfishly. If the goal is JUST to sell books, you’ll lose every time.

Instead, social media used with the reader or audience in mind is not only more effective but allows you to strategically get in front of your ideal customers, clients, and readers while building a strong platform. In this workshop, we’ll cover the best practices for each of the major social media platforms so you can strengthen community with your audience and readers.

*Email Marketing that Gets Results

*Get an Editor to Say Yes: Writing Tight and Self-Editing Tips

*Introduction to Ghostwriting

*Bring on the Bling!

*Pitch with PEP

Social media guru, marketer, and published author Bethany Jett walks authors through social media and marketing techniques to excel in publishing.