Theย 2023 Serious Writer Contests

Thank you for entering!

The contests are now closed. Stay updated through our Facebook page for semifinalist and finalist announcements.

Grand Prize Winners

from Each Contest Receive the

Serious Writer Awards Experience at Universal Studios, Florida

Enjoy a day of fun and adventure at the theme park that celebrates books: 
play through Seuss Landing, travel to Hogwarts, escape into the pages of comic books (you see where we're going with this!).

And this year, we've partnered with Book Brush to bring the grand prize winners something truly special! The Writer of the Year and Book of the Year winners will receive 1 full year of Platinum access to Book Brush and the Book of the Decade winner will receive LIFETIME access to the Platinum level of Book Brush! Be sure to check out the amazing book covers, graphics, and social media posts that you can create at Book Brush by clicking here.

The prize package includes:

• Awards Dinner
• One-night hotel stay
• Two tickets to Universal Studios

+ Beautiful engraved plaque
+ $100 credit towards SW Academy
+ Press release template
+ Book Brush award

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