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Fine Tune Your Fiction

Polished prose that sings, “Buy me! Buy me!” to an editor doesn’t magically appear on the page. Spe...

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Explode Your Growth on Instagram!

Explosive growth on Instagram is possible! After finding success applying proved methods to Twitter, Victoria decided...

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EXTRA! EXTRA! Share God-stories and earn writing credits with newspaper freelancing

An unpublished or less-experienced writer can break into newspaper writing by presenting well-written, locally-flavor...

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Instagram for Pros

Go from using Instagram like everyone else to using it like the pros do! In this followup course to her Build your B...

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Psyched Characters

Do your protagonists and antagonists rise from their pages to captivate a reader’s imagination? Sculpting chara...

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21 Trade Secrets and Best Practices!

How do you become an award-winning and best-selling author? Literary Agent Cyle Young and Author Bethany Jett teach y...

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Ten Ways to Catch an Agent's Eye

Ready to submit your manuscript to a literary agency but feel like you're taking a shot in the dark? Instructor Hope ...

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Binge Writing: Write faster, Smarter, and in Less Time.Discover the Binge Writer in you. For some, writing is a talen...

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Queue Up for Quotes

Writers love words. One set of words that add flavor to our writing and wisdom to our words are quotations. Queue Up ...

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10 Tips to Double Your Freelance Income

When bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams quit her 9-to-5 magazine writing job in 2000 and entered the world of ...

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Writing Query Letters like a Professional Resume Writer

Writing Query Letters like a Professional Resume Writer: Standing out from the Crowd You’ve done it! You&rsquo...

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Fangirl-to-Famous: Using your inner geek to boost your career

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