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Plotter or Pantser: What type of writer are you?

Before anyone endeavors the great American novel or even a haiku, one should consider what type of writer they are. K...

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Create Engaging Opt-Ins for your Email List

Answering the question of What, Why, What Kind and How, Victoria Duerstock provides an introduction to creating engag...

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Writing Themed Devotionals

Devotional writing is a great starting point for writers. This course with Jean Wise will provide the foundations of ...

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How to Create a Book Proposal that Publishers Want to Buy

How do you write a book proposal? What makes an excellent proposal and what makes a terrible one? Publishers receive ...

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Adding Sizzle to Your Sweet Romance

To captivate your readers, add a dash of sizzle to your sweet romance. This course discusses readers' expectations, e...

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Serious Writer Toolkit

Courses include: Intro to Branding with Cody Morehead Intro to Newsletters with Cyle Young Intro to Social Media...

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Tips for Organizing a Writing/Critique Group

Writers may write alone but we benefit from a community who "gets" us. A writers group provides educational and netwo...

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Pitch Perfect

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to craft a perfect pitch, as well as the purpose of a pitch. Whether you&rsq...

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Intro to Mail Chimp

Newsletters provide added value to your readers and help build your personal brand. While there are several email mar...

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Healthy Spirituality: Keep A Journal to Jump Start your Writing

How does writing in a journal help us grow as writers? This class will inspire you and give you practical tips and tr...

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How to Run Amazon Marketing Services Ads

Amazon is the largest single retailer of books anywhere on the globe. Authors who understand Amazon marketing service...

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Intro to

 As writers, we need our website to be a central hub that helps our audience find and communicate with us. WordP...

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