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Deepen Your Story with Deep POV

When we write our books in a shallow POV rather than in deep POV, we risk a “cricket chirping” response f...

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Targeted Facebook Ads that Sell

Do you want to see a 200%-300% return on your investment by using Facebook Ads? What about 500%? Those targets are re...

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Build your Brand with Instagram

If you want to increase your influence and your audience, you need to be on Instagram. In this workshop, blogger and...

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Explode Your Growth on Twitter

Explosive growth on Twitter is possible, but not by using any secret methods. Applying the proven formulas we have he...

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Winning at Winning Contests

Winning your way to a publishing contract and/or agency contract. Embrace contests to initiate your writing career. C...

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5 Reasons to Write Nonfiction for Kids

In this course, bestselling author Michelle Medlock Adams gives tips for breaking into the world of children’s ...

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Self Publishing 101

This course by Meaghan Burnett, entrepreneur and author consultant, will assist you with the basics of Self Publishin...

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Part 1: Writing Convincing Nonfiction - From Idea to Outline

Diana Flegal, Hartline Literary Agent, shares useful information on the 5 different structures of nonfiction. She con...

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Part 2: Writing Convincing Non Fiction - Let's Begin Those chapters

The nonfiction market is one of the toughest in publishing to crack. Having what you need to answer every question an...

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Create Strong Characters with Personality Profiles

Creating characters in our novels is not difficult when they are just like us, but what about when they aren't? Usin...

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BookBub Ads

There is NO BETTER marketing strategy in the entire world than BookBub. In this course by award winning author and li...

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Become the Ringmaster of Your Professional Career

Professional writers do so much more than write. Take charge of your career by applying a disciplined approach to you...

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